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    THE LIE:



    By Robert Colaco, Independent
    Businessman National Chairman,
    Citizens For A Better America® (CFABA)
    Los Angeles County, California

    The current Administration, its Congress, and its puppets in the media have not stated in words that they are trying to destroy America, but actions speak louder than words. I could write a book on each one of these areas, but let’s look in summary at what they have done and what they are doing right now:

    1st they have tried to convince us that Universal Health Care and the Clinton Administration Health Plan is desperately needed by America. The fact is that no other country does health care better than we do. If they did, then why do so many Canadians and Germans as well as people from around the world come here for their health care? Universal Health Care will financially destroy America. In just 6 years the health plan will increase the deficit by 1 billion Dollars a day. In addition, they will force the package to include paid abortions even though some 90% of Americans are opposed to government funded abortions. Who knows what is next, government funded euthanasia?

    2nd they’ve told us that NAFTA (North American Free Trade Act) is good for America. When Ronald Reagan first introduced NAFTA in the early 1980’s, it was envisioned as a way to bring down trade barriers between the U.S., Mexico and Canada. But, Bill Clinton established powerful tri-national commissions on labor and environmental issues and set-up super-national dispute settlement panels. Panels who have the power to fine the U.S. government (i.e. taxpayers, YOU) $20 Million per environmental offense. Canadians and Mexicans will have authority to levy million-dollar fines on the United States, to inspect our factories and to challenge our state laws. We are subject to them; another loss of our national sovereignty. (Passed 11/17/93 and signed by Bill Clinton)

    3rd as if that’s not bad enough they want to enter into such an agreement for a world wide “trading organization” (GATT) as Pat Buchanan concisely states, in the Conservative Chronicle on 03/02/94.

    “Mr. Clinton has just done a GATT deal that will set up a powerful new Supreme Court of World Trade. The World Trade Organization (WTO), against whose rulings the U.S. would have no appeal, would infringe on U.S. sovereignty, and supersede the U.S. Constitution which gives Congress the power to regulate the nation’s foreign commerce.”

    as Pat Buchanan concisely states, in the Conservative Chronicle on 03/02/94.

    4th they want to teach your children, Outcome Based Education, not reading, writing, and math. It has various names. In California it is philosophy behind the “CLAS” test. In other states it has other names. The “CLAS” test is repugnant. Joan Wonsley in Association with Capital Resource Institute on 04/25/94. tells us,

    “The design for the CLAS test was created by a special panel appointed by former Superintendent of Public Instruction Bill Honig. The panel was headed by Thomas W. Payzant, former Superintendent of Schools in San Diego. Payzant is now with the U.S. Department of Education, working for the Clinton Administration on the Goals 2000 reform package.”

    5th they want you to believe that there are no absolutes, no morality, no values in America today, or there should not be. They want to destroy the family as we know it. They want homosexuals to teach your Children about “Gay pride month, June” as was reported in the LA DAILY NEWS on 06/02/94. They want to provide special privileges for homosexuals on the basis of ‘affectional or sexual orientation,’ giving them special civil rights status, akin to a racial minority. They want homosexuals to be able to get married and adopt children. They want the homosexual lifestyle in the military to destroy the U.S. military. This is not homophobia, this is realism. History has proven that promoting sexual deviancy to destroy the traditional family structure in society leads to that society’s demise.

    6th they want us to think that “assertive multilateralism” is good for America, as reported in the American Defense Institute’s ADI Briefing on October 20, 1993.

    “In the summer of 93 Clinton’s National Security Advisor Anthony Lake headed a team that drafted a security policy document called Presidential Decision Directive 13 (PDD-13). The Washington Post reported that PDD-13 ”endorsed the United Nations as [the] ersatz world policeman...[and] commits Washington to support multilateral peacekeeping and peacemaking operations politically, militarily, and financially.”
    By adopting this multilateralist philosophy the Clinton Administration and the Congress are seeking the goal of having the U.S. Military, which you and I pay taxes to support, under the command of the United Nations, which we have no control over. Who is running our military, the United Nations or us? And how many body bags need to come back to the U.S. for no good reason just because the President, with an aversion to the military, wants to use it as his toy?

    7th they want us to think that they are really doing something to solve the crime problem in America. An article appearing in the 04/94 Family Voice, the magazine of Concerned Women For America, Dr. Tim LaHaye writes

    “While pastoring in San Diego, I learned that one of my neighbors was sued by a thief. After a robbery attempt, the thief ran through the neighbor’s yard and broke his neck on the family’s clothesline. Can you believe the liberal judge who ruled that the neighbor was negligent? He had to pay the thief $30,000.”

    Yet this very same government through the EEOC has added religious harassment to the code that currently protects employees from sexual harassment in the workplace. Making it effectively illegal to even offer to pray for someone.

    You might be asking, is there any hope? What can I do to counteract this insanity? Yes there is hope, and together we can change our government.

    (1) VOTE for the Candidates on our “GOOD GUYS”-LIST.

    (2) Support these “Good Guys”, call everyone you know and encourage them to vote for them on Tuesday 06/07/94.

    (3) Call your current Congressman now and tell him to vote against GATT and call the EEOC.

    (4) Jot down your name, address, and phone number on the form on the back page so that with your help we will elect in Nov 94 the people in your community that will be able to take our government back.

    (5) Fax and send this flyer to friends and family around the nation so that we can work to take back the government of the nation not just CA.

    God Bless You and the USA, for our Children & Grandchildren.

    See a PDF of the actual page as published:
     THE LIE: Destroying America is good for the world.

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