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Bob Dole will be a good President.


By Congressman Bill Dannemeyer.
Republican Member of House of Representatives (1979-1992)
Honorary National Chairman
of Citizens For A Better America®,
Orange County, California.

Senator Bob Dole has a voting record on just about every issue. He has had his fingerprints on every Republican tax increase in recent vintage (1982, 84, 87 and 90).He worked hand in glove with George McGovern to expand the food stamp program and other forms of federal welfare.

Bob Dole’s Chief of Staff, Sheila Burke, is considered by Conservatives to be a liberal feminist. If Dole is elected President, she will likely be his White House Chief of Staff.

The great disaster of the Bush Administration was Richard Darman, the head of the Office of Management and Budget.

It was Darman who helped develop the tax increase of 1990 which George Bush then adopted, breaking his pledge to the American people.

The last thing America needs is a liberal feminist serving as the gate-keeper for a Dole Presidency. She will just cut out of the loop any member of Congress who wants to reduce the size and scope of the federal government, just like Richard Darman did for George Bush.

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