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    THE LIE:



    By Robert Colaco,
    National Chairman
    of Citizens For A Better America®.

    Although to the best of our knowledge no one in the Bob Dole Campaign has said that they can win without Pat Buchanan’s supporters; their actions are speaking far louder than their words.

    This may only be a sampling but it is noteworthy. I called, from May 10, 1996 to August 10, 1996, the people who had signed our form to join Citizens For A Better America® in endorsing Patrick J. Buchanan for the Office of President. Of the 1,154 people who would have been included in the center section of our flyer, only seventeen (17) people communicated to me that they had now switched their allegiance to Bob Dole. That my friends represents 1.5% of the total 1,154.

    Please look in the center section of this flyer (Pages 3-6) for the names of the remaining 1,137 people that continue to support Pat Buchanan. That could mean that Bob Dole may get as few as 45,000 votes out of the over 3,000,000 votes cast for Buchanan.

    The last time I heard a solid survey, those 3 million votes were not only critical to Bob Dole but to the whole Republican ticket. Yet, the Bob Dole campaign continues to snub the Buchanan delegation and the voters it represents.

    It could be said that Buchanan is the one snubbing Dole not the other way around. I protest that claim. Buchanan made a commitment to the millions of Republican voters he represents that he would not let them compromise the Republican Platform and that he would continue to press for a Pro-life Vice Presidential nominee. He did not snub Dole, he let him know the truth, if he wanted these Buchanan voter he would have to earn them by staying on track and not watering down the Reagan Platform.

    Do not continue the rift by ignoring them and thinking their only other option is Clinton and that they would rather vote for Dole than Clinton. They are the beginning’s of a movement and they may choose to express their contempt for the contempt they were shown by voting third party. They are not looking short term any more. To some of them a bad Republican is worse than a bad Democrat. They do not want to compromise their ideals and right now the Bob Dole campaign looks like compromise to them.

    You can change that and woo those voters to your candidate but it will take some effort. They will be watching the convention coverage and looking to see how Bob Dole treats their man Pat Buchanan.

    Buchanan is on your side. In two of Buchanan’s speeches on Saturday August 10, 1996 at the American Life League function as well as on Sunday August 11, 1996 at the California Arts Center in Escondido, Buchanan clearly communicated that he wants to do all that he can to keep the Republican Party unified and together.

    I challenge you delegates, alternates and guests at the Republican National Convention to get to your leadership. Do all you can to get to Bob Dole and Encourage him to have Pat Buchanan speak on Prime Time. You must heal the rift and bring some semblance of inclusion on the part of Bob Dole. I admire Pat Buchanan for reaching out with the olive branch, Mr. Dole it would seem that would be in your best interest to do the same.

    See a PDF of the actual page as published:
     THE LIE: Bob Dole can win without Buchanan supporters.

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