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    THE LIE:

    Giving China MFN status motivates them to behave.


    By Robert Colaco,
    National Chairman
    of Citizens For A Better America®.

    President Clinton on May 19, 1997 began his campaign to get Congress to approve continued Most Favored Nation (MFN) status for China. He said MFN was the way “to bring China into the family of nations and to secure our interests and our ideals.” This past summer congress once again extended most favored nation trade status to China. Now, President Clinton wants to make it a permanent status, one that congress will not get to review each year. The question arises, is that in our best interests?

    Harry Wu does not seem to think so. Wu, once a prisoner in China is now a United States Citizen and a human rights activist. He has made it his job to air China’s dirty little secrets, and the Chinese do not like it one bit. He is the head of Laogai Research Foundation, which exposes the prison labor system of China, which is run by China’s Liberation Army.

    A May 21, 1997 Associated Press article entitled “Activist: China Sells Prison Goods.”, by David Briscoe said, Wu “... told senators today that he has proof that U.S. companies are selling illegally imported Chinese prison goods. Harry Wu said the products included office supplies, clothing with prestigious labels, auto parts built especially for American cars, and even Christmas items that would have no market in China.

    On Tuesday, Wu accused the Clinton administration of ignoring the problem and cooperating with “pathological liars” the Chinese officials who held him prisoner for nearly two decades.”

    Clinton says, tolerating this is needed, “... to secure our interests and our ideals.” Isn’t it communist philosophy that suggests, ‘The ends justify the means’. Does he really believe Americans should tolerate the use of prisoners as slaves labor, the use of the men and women we watched rise up in Tiananmen Square who are now imprisoned in these labor camps.

    It is a well documented fact that China uses its prison inmates to make products for China. U.S. law does prohibit importing goods made by convict labor, but the Custom officials say they just have no way of tracking how products were made. Consider this the next time you flip a product over and see that ‘Made in China’ label, that the chances are extremely high that it was made in a Chinese prison by either political or religious prisoners.

    It has also been widely reported that the Chinese government attempted to influence last year’s U.S. elections, with contributions going primarily to the Democrat National Committee and to President Clinton’s re-election campaign.

    The President then lobbies the Port of Long Beach to build a $200 million cargo terminal for China’s state-run shipping line, Cosco. The same company who about a year ago, had one of it’s ships, The Empress Phoenix, boarded by Customs agents, who seized a cargo of 2,000 AK-47 assault rifles on their way to Los Angeles street gangs.

    On top of all these atrocities is added one that is reminiscent of Hitler’s Germany. ABC News, Brian Ross, reported on a three-month Prime Time Live investigation regarding allegations that Chinese military hospitals are performing transplants for wealthy foreigners including Americans using the kidneys of executed Chinese prisoners. In addition, Prime Time confirms that some of these transplants are arranged and paid for in the United States. There is also evidence to support the allegation that these prisoners are executed in order for an organ order to be fulfilled. Operation for these kidney transplants are done in a Peoples Liberation Army Hospital, where the high-tech dialysis and transplant equipment has been purchased from an American company under MFN.

    ABC’s own web site stated,

    “Prime Time shows graphic videotape, made in 1992 by the Chinese military and never intended to be seen outside official circles, of condemned men and women who are paraded through the streets prior to execution. Although it is not known whether the organs of these particular prisoners were used in transplants, the tape shows guards making sure the executioner’s gun on one prisoner is precisely placed at the back of the head, considered the best location if kidneys or other organs are to be retrieved. “In my opinion, a very barbaric and disgusting kind of practice,” says Dr. Ronald Guttman, a Canadian doctor and an official of the International Transplantation Society. “It make me cringe, and I think exposing it is very important.” In a statement to Prime Time Live, the Chinese embassy in Washington, D.C. said that the organs of executed criminals are used in transplants rarely and only with the consent of the condemned prisoner or their families. Dr. Guttman responds, “The consent issue as far as I’m concerned is a bogus issue. It’s a justification for what they are doing.”

    Just this last week, China’s appointed president, Jiang Zemin visited the United States by invitation of President Clinton. Although, all these human rights violations were to top most on the agenda, president Jiang Zemin said he would not discuss them and they went on to other issues. The end result of this soft policy is we continue to hand over to China all the technology they want, including nuclear technology, and they do so unabated. This policy does not work. It does not work when it is used against a local gang trying to take over a community and it does not work when it is the government of China.

    See a PDF of the actual page as published:
    flag THE LIE: Giving China MFN status motivates them to behave.

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