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There are no good guys running for higher office in California.


By Robert Colaco,
National Chairman
of Citizens For A Better America®.

People today are frustrated and communicate that there are no good guys running for higher office in California. I have good news for you, there is at least one.

On February 14, 1997, Citizens For A Better America® sent out it’s news release announcing among other candidates the endorsement of California State Senator Richard “Dick” Mountjoy for the office of Lieutenant Governor for the June 2, 1998 primary election.

We had asked Senator Mountjoy in 1993 to run for the governorship of California. He felt that he could not at the time because of the funds that were needed to accomplish such an objective. That is why we are very excited to endorse Senator Dick Mountjoy early on in his campaign for Lieutenant Governor of California.

Senator Dick Mountjoy is one of those candidates that has the guts to stand for what he believes even at times opposing his own political party’s position and even his own party’s governor. Even though Senator Mountjoy voting record was outstanding, he like the candidates that we have endorsed in this flyer filled out a candidate questionnaire. Citizens For A Better America® was proud to endorse his candidacy fully sixteen months before the election and to began even then to work to get him elected.

What can you do? You can write Senator Dick Mountjoy a letter that you are individually endorsing his candidacy. Tell him that you will be voting for him and will do all you can to get everyone you know to vote for him.

There really is more to do though if you want to see good candidates like Sen. Mountjoy elected! You can send him money. It will encourage him and continue to affirm his faith in California’s people. By the way, I do not work for Dick Mountjoy, and I will not get a commission for recommending that you send him money.

You can contact Senator Dick Mountjoy at: PO Box 2114, Monrovia, CA 91017-2114, Phone (626)357-0910. And you can also help by becoming a member of Citizens For A Better America® today, our membership form is on the back of this flyer.

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