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    THE LIE:

    “I am voting, isn’t that enough?”


    By Robert Colaco,
    National Chairman
    of Citizens For A Better America®.

    Some in our society can’t even say that they are voting because they are so disgusted, frustrated and angry with what is taking place in the political atmosphere of our local towns, communities, cities, counties, states and in the federal government.

    Others in our society still believe that their voices can be heard and are still being faithful to vote, to all of you we say a thumbs up. Often though, these voters wonder why men and women are getting elected to office all over America who go on to do wretched things?

    There is such frustration in the general public about what our political leaders are doing. They are doing things from compromising on the nation’s sovereignty in “trade” agreements like NAFTA, and the GATT/WTO, to campaign funding scandals.With the creation of the World Trade Organization, which some have described as the Supreme Court of world trade, the United States surrendered itself to abide by their final decisions. The USA has but one vote in the WTO just like Cuba.

    The general public is wary of their own good paying jobs being shipped to Mexico, China, and every other place outside of the United States of America. They want to know why we can’t seem to stop the illegal drugs from pouring in to America.

    The general public is frustrated that we in the USA are now sending high tech technology to the Chinese government who have not promised to not use either that technology or other technology, to help adversarial countries that want to gain nuclear technology like Iran. Yet the Clinton administration and a majority of those in Congress have approved such transfers and continue to encourage that.

    The general public is upset about losing control of their local school boards through the Goals 2000 legislation. They are worried about how their children are being taught every grotesque thing except reading, writing and arithmetic.

    The American people are wondering what else can they do?

    It is very simple. The candidates that are on the correct side of these issues, are often very simply, grossly under funded.

    Organizations like Citizens For A Better America® who put out this flyer find it an uphill struggle to get the necessary funds to put it out. Even though this flyer is distributed by volunteers, there are printing and other cost. That is why we have developed a membership program asking people to help with $5.00 a month, $60.00 a year.

    Yet even with that there is a struggle. Why, because it is hard to part with your money. The very people you are trying to replace have taxed you to the extreme. As a result the voters that want to elect morality and values based candidates to public office, that want to keep their jobs in America, that want their children to really get an education, etc. struggle to fund organizations like ours.

    Add to this the fact that contributions to our organization are not tax deductible. I am not saying they should be, don’t get me wrong. But, without that incentive it makes it even harder for folks like you to be able to give to organizations like us.

    We are not interested in giving up our ability to endorse just to get tax deductible dollars, but then again we don’t have to limit ourselves to just educating the voting public or lobbying Congress.

    The tool that you have in your hands, this “HAVE YOU BEEN LIED TO?” (sm) flyer has consistently changed vote counts 5 to 30% in every voting precinct that it has been delivered in. Since 1992, Citizen for a Better America ™ has been putting out our “HAVE YOU BEEN LIED TO?”(sm) flyer. We have seen victory after victory, but because it is so hard to raise money from the middle Americans we represent, each election we have had to target only certain candidates from our “Good Guys List” (sm). We want every constitute of everyone of our the candidates on our “Good Guys List” (sm) to get a flyer, but we just do not have the financial resource to do it.

    Why is that the case? Very simply, corporate executives that do not seem to be putting America’s interests first and who have made “free trade” their cause are not going to give one thousand dollars to us, as they would give it to the candidates that are for NAFTA, GATT/WTO, MFN, etc.

    So, the solution is that we need more people to help us, so that we can fund all the costs associated with printing these flyers. And when I talk about costs I am not talking about anyone’s salary, because Citizens For A Better America® is still made up all of volunteers. The costs I am talking about are phone costs, mailing costs, electricity, printing costs, traveling costs, etc.

    The next time you hear yourself complain about what is going on politically, ask yourself this question? How much money have I given Citizens For A Better America® or to the campaigns of one of it’s endorsed candidates? Or, if you hear someone else complaining, then give them this flyer to read.

    See a PDF of the actual page as published:
     THE LIE: "I am voting, isn't that enough?"

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